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Game: Antelope
Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight
Ammo: .300 Win Mag with 180 grain Sirocco II bullets
Conditions: HOT! HOT! HOT! 105 degrees
Date: 8/27/2011
Location: Logan, New Mexico

St. Charles County, Missouri (March, 2010); The Heartland Hunters are proud to support the Missouri Department of Conservation youth angler pilot program, GO FISH! For More information click on the logo below.

Lincoln County, Missouri (July, 2009) The Staff of HeartlandHunters.com has adopted a section of Missouri Route Highway 79 in Lincoln County under the MoDOT Adopt-A-Highway program. These avid outdoorsmen and conservationists felt an obligation not only to Missouri's woods and waterways, but to the roads and trails that get them there.

St. Louis County, Missouri (October, 2009); Heartland Hunters is now on Facebook. Become a Friend of Heartland Hunters to receive exclusive content and to interact with our Pro Staff as well as other true outdoorsman.

Volume 4, Issue 1

That is a question on the mind of many hunters. For every hunter asking his or herself this question, there are probably two that have an opinion about it. A strong opinion. How much tech is too much? All states outlaw the use of things like night vision and spot lights for deer because of the unfair advantage that it gives to the hunter and every ethical hunter I know believes this is in the sport's best interest. But what about those things that are legal?


Game: Whitetail
.20 gauge Slug Gun
First Season, Illinois

1st - Missouri Trout Season opens

2nd - Big Game Hunters Inc. Dinner and Auction Falls Conference Center, Columbia, Il call Rick at (636) 931-4864

3rd - RMEF Dinner and Auction at the Shriner Hall, Call Brett at (314) 606-4622